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PTMEG Technology

1. Wide resource of raw material

Starting naterial is butadiene or n-butane,via 1,4- butanediol process to synthesis THF and PTMEG.

2. THF

Simple process, continuous reaction, easy operation
Homogeneous liquid phase acidic catalyst, low-cost, high conversion and selectivity
Distillation column,low-cost in construction
High purity
Less waster, more environment friendly


Easily controlled, safty, low energy consumption
Environment friendly designing
Continous reaction, simple operation and quality control
Mild reaction condition, low investment

Real Performance
We have been successfully operating scale-up plants in China and Japan for many years.

Description and pictures:

Recommended process route:
1. Downstream process of C4 by-product in coal-to-olefins project and coal-oil project.
2. Downstream process of C4 compound in other methods.