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Butanol and octanol Technology

1. Two-step reaction of high conversion rate
2.  Stirred reactor and bubble column reactor
3. Unique reactor control system
4. Continuous catalyst recovery and keep stable and efficient viability
5. Two options: traditional technology and new technology

Technical advantages:
Advantages of the traditional process technology compared to other transferable technologies
1. High product quality
2. Easy to operate
3. Toluene solvent of high solubility
4. No loss of catalyst due to entrainment
5. Low energy consumption

Other advantages of the new technology is relatively transferable technologies:
1. High product quality
2.  High NBD/IBD product ratio
3. Mild reaction conditions
4. Low catalyst concentration
5. Low energy consumption and high yield of aldehyde

Industrialization level:
There is a 50,000 ton equipment in China and there are more than 10 sets equipment in Japan and other countries


Recommended process route:
Downstream product technology of olefins production through .petroleum method or coal method
1. Propylene downstream process of MTP and MTO projects
2. Downstream process of propane dehydrogenation projects
3. Downstream process of petroleum cracking projects