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Oxalamide Technology

Oxalamide is a kind of multifunctional slow-released nitrogenous fertilizer.
Characters:slightly soluble in water ,it is usually mixed with other fertilizer.
Decomposed by root enzyme,providing nutrition to crop and benefiting plant growth and can greatly improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.

Reaction mechanism:

Slow-released nitrogenous fertilizer, compared to conventional fertilizer, high performance cost ratio;
Enhancing the root activity,increasing the capacity of phosphate;
Protecting the root and its growing environment, minimizing the continuous cropping obstacles;
Decreasing the nitrogen leaching, avoiding water pollution.

Market in Japan
Mixed fertilizer which contains 5%-40% oxamide is usually applied in rice, fruits, vegetables, golf course and synthetic turf.
As its know, the best rice in Japan is Koshihikari rice,has been already fertilized by oxamide.