Beijing Booming HighChem Technology Co., Ltd.

Talent Concept

Upholding the concept of “human-oriented”, the company takes the staff as valuable treasures and the vitality of the company. The company constantly recruits high quality professionals and has established a united, efficient and innovative team. The company provides good salaries and welfare, as well as related training. Welcome to join us and grow together with us.

Salary & Welfare:

1.Salary: monthly pay + performance bonus.
2.Social insurance: pay for the staff’s social insurances and housing fund according to the national regulations.
3.Supplement commercial insurance: the staff can buy additional medical insurance, accident insurance, and offspring’s medical insurance.
4.Welfare: free lunch, allowances for commuting, phone fee, business trip, holidays, etc.
5.Holidays: legal holidays, weekends, marriage holidays, maternity leave, annual leave, etc. 
6.Staff activities: in addition to the annual tourist activity, the company also organizes various kinds of recreation and sports activities to enhance the team spirit and cultivate a family-like atmosphere.

Please email your resume to ,if you want to join us. Please write your name and job objective in the email subject line.