Beijing Booming HighChem Technology Co., Ltd.

Technology Transfer

Energy is the driving force for society development. Because of the geological structure and geographical factors,China mostly relies on importing crude oil and nutural gas, reaching respectively 57.4 % and 30.5% in 2013. However, as there are abundant coal reserves, China is a major coal production and consumption country. In 2013, the consumption of coal reached 40 million tons, and the import dependency is only 8.13%. Therefore, how to utilize the coal effectively will have a profound influence on the development of China's national economy and social progress.

Recently, the shale gas technology revolution centered in North America and the rapid development of China’s coal chemical industry dramatically changed the world’s energy map and made a profound influence on the traditional chemical industry. Meanwhile, with the economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, China pays more attention to the environmental protection, environment friendly chemicals becomes the megatrend.According to the energy situation in China and in the world, we take environmental protection and efficient use of coal as the starting point, and we are committed to the development of C1-based chemical technology. We use carbon monoxide gas as the raw materials to synthesis various kinds of basic chemicals products like ethylene glycol, oxamide, methanol, acetic acid, ethanol, ethylene, propylene, etc.With a variety of C1-based chemical technology, we convert coal-based syngas or industrial exhaust gas into ethylene and other high-valued products, which greatly improves the energy efficiency while also protects the environment. In addition, we also provide the C3-based chemical technology by using propylene as raw materials to produce polypropylene, acrylic acid, acrylic esters, butane and octanol, and other downstream products such as bisphenol A. And we also provide C4-based chemical technology using n-butane, butadiene, and isobutylene as raw materials to produce N- methyl pyrrolidone, polytetrahydrofuran, NBR latex, methyl methacrylate, and other downstream products.

With the expansion of China's coal chemical industry , there will chances for our company to promote C1-based chemical technology. As a professional company in the chemical technology development and transfer, we will continue our efforts to promote the advancement of C1-based chemical technology, and we hope to make contributions for the technological progress of China's chemical industry with our C1, C3 and C4-based chemical technologies integrating the downstream product chains of the coal chemical industry and the traditional petrochemical industry.