Beijing Booming HighChem Technology Co., Ltd.

Comprehensive service supplier

Professional consulting services
HighChem focuses on the coal chemical industry and is committed to chemical technology development, transfer and licensing. HighChem provides chemical market consulting and research services, including technology development and transfer. HighChem has rich experience and technical advantages especially on coal chemical industry. The company also provides project proposals, feasibility studies, as well as catalyst, proprietary equipment and product sales in the fields of chemical and petrochemicals.

Sound engineering design
HighChem Union (UBE, HighChem, Donghua Technology, Liansheng Chemical) conducted research on the production of ethylene glycol through hydrogenation of dimethyl oxalate. The first industrial equipment has been successfully put into production in January 2013, the purity of the product reaches 99.9%, and the UV transmittance exceeds the national standards for excellent products. The equipment runs stably and each production parameters has reached or exceeded the designed value, and the high class glycol reaches over 90% of the total amount.

Efficient catalyst system
HighChem brought advanced Japanese catalyst production technology into China and established catalyst production and R&D base in Jiangsu Provicne, providing competitive products to enterprises that uses CTEG technologies.

All-round training and guidance
We provide various kind of training and guidance, from theories to hands-on training in Japan and China, from the inspection of process and technology to the on-site inspection at different construction phases and operation instruction services.

Excellent product marketing services
HighChem has set up multiple branches in China and the marketing network covers the whole country. With multiple experienced marketing teams, nearly two decades of exploration in international trade channels, HighChem distributes excellent CTEG products to customers.