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SEG® Technology

SEG® Technology

Since 1980s, UBE Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to the technological research on dimethyl oxalate and dimethyl carbonate production through coal-based syngas. UBE factory has the world's only 10,000 ton class DMC/DMO production system (raw materials synthetic gas) and it has been running stably for more than twenty years.

Under the technical support from UBE, HighChem Group jointly conducted ethylene glycol production technology with dimethyl oxalates hydrogenation with East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd.(ECEC), Zhejiang Realsun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. The company also built the pilotscale experiment base, improved the technology package of the ethylene glycol production through synthesis gas, and promoted the technology in China. The world’s first CTEG production system was successfully put into production in Xinjiang in early January 2013.

SEG® technical process flow diagram:

SEG® technology has the following technical features:
1.UBE is the inventor of the CO synthesis DMO through gas phase process and has many years of industrial performance.
2.High selectivity of reactions and high purity products.
3.UBE has unique technologies in handling the critical explosive intermediates, and the facilities are very safe.
4. Less by-product (DMC/DMO<2%)(DMC/DMO<2%)
5. Carbonylation and hydrogenation catalysts has high catalytic activity and high reaction efficiency.

1. The technology is mature and the industrialized unit has been running for a year.
2. Catalyst performance is guaranteed, one year’s warranty.
3. The research and development center continues to improve and optimize the technologies and keeps the lead.
4. Integration of manufacturing and marketing operation mode helps to solve customers’ marketing issues.