Beijing Booming HighChem Technology Co., Ltd.

Downstream polyester industry application

Product index of the first SEG® industrial plant

Concentration of ethylene glycol(w%)99.93
UV transmittance (%) 220nm  89.0
            275nm  94.5
            350nm  100.3

Since the plant starts operation, the UV transmittance of the product is up to 95/99/100, and the content of aldehyde is around 2ppm, which meets the national standards for high class products. And the rate of high class products also keeps above the guaranteed value 90%.

The 40,000 tons of top quality glycol produced by Tianye has successfully been applied in the polyester industry, such as spinning and bottle making. The product has been 100% applied in the filament, and also applied in the downstream weaving and dyeing operation. The product quality equals to those produced by ethylene method. 30% blending ratio of the product has been applied in the production of high-end bottle products for export, and the product quality has gained the recognition of customers.

The glycol produced by Tianye by synthesis gas method has good test results for the production of downstream PET polymer chips, spinning, weaving and dyeing. The results indicate that the product has reached the national standards for first-class product, and it can completely meet the requirements of ethylene glycol downstream applications. Synthesis gas method can certainly replace the petroleum method in the production of ethylene glycol.